Monday, August 18, 2008

...a TV Junkie: The Olympics

Normally, I could care less for the Olympics. Not because I'm anti-American or anything like that, I think it actually stems from going on family vacations every year when I was young and having the television commandeered by my father/uncles/grandfather ...anyone but me. So if there was any kind of sporting event on (ie: the Olympics) it was on 24/7. As a kid, that's an eternity and a day plus a couple of months when your vacation is 2 weeks long. These are also the same uncles/grandfather who, on one vacation thought it would be funny to scare the bejesus out of me while we were watching Stephen King's "It" (that starred Tim Curry as the scarest freakin' clown EVER). The living room was set up so that the couch, where the culprits sat, was to the left of the chair that I was sitting in, and back a little ways. The TV was to the front and right, so if you were watching TV, you couldn't see what was behind you. There's a scene that takes place in a library where these balloons float down from the ceiling and burst, splattering everything with blood. The culprits thought it would be funny to float some well timed balloons they'd blown up over my unsuspecting shoulder, forever embedding that night clearly into my memory. Evil bastards (but I love you all).

Anyway, I digress. For some reason, I've watched more Olympics this year, mostly willingly, then I ever have in my entire 31 years put together. I won't admit it to the hubby, but I'm probably just as into it as he is. I was amazed at the opening ceremonies, LOVED that Michael Phelps completely kicked butt like no other (except for Natalie Coughlin who really deserves a little more press) and that Dara Torres got a silver medal at 40 (41?). I've been outraged when our gymnastic team has gotten the shaft from the judges, watched the women's beach volleyball with some interest, and thought WTF when Bob Costas, sporting a really bad toupee, asked G Dubya all kinds of questions that were not at all Olympic related (seriously, what WAS that interview about?).

All I can chalk it up to is being pregnant with another boy- must be the extra testerone. But my grandmother commented to me today that even she's been up to 11:30-12 am watching as well. So maybe it's just that this year has been extra exciting...I don't know. All I know for sure is I am stinkin' tired, and I think it's time to change the channel so I can get a little more sleep :)

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