Monday, August 25, 2008

...a Mom: The Eldest Has Lost His Brain

This weekend we visited my sister-in-law who has a lovely in-ground pool that the boys love to swim in. She's also got an awesome array of waterguns and other pool paraphernalia. As I'm 35 weeks plus pregnant, I'm not about to don a bathing suit to go in, despite the temps, so I was sitting poolside in shorts and a t-shirt- the ONLY clothes I have brought with me. For some reason, my eldest decides to demonstrate something with the water guns that he then swings in my direction and completely soaks my shorts- a perfectly aimed shot. As they'd already been warned multiples times that these were "the only clothes Mommy has" it results in a five minute time-out out of the pool. My husband looks at him and asks with a little chuckle, "did you lose your brain?"

The younger, R, swims around patiently for his brother to rejoin him in the pool and when brother's time out is up, asks him in all innocence "X- did you find your brain?"

Despite being soaked and quite uqly about it (yay, wet underwear), I have to laugh.

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