Tuesday, February 3, 2009

a Mom...Favorite Moments

Yesterday: Rho kept asking me how to add things together. It started with numbers- what's 4 + 2, what's 10+10+10+10...etc. But then it changed to words and letters. I tried to explain you can't really add letters, so then he asked, "What's chalk + chalk?" Exasperated I answered, " I don't know. What is it?"

To which he prompty replied "Sidewalk chalk."

Which I thought it was a pretty clever response and much better than anything I could've come up with.

This AM: Xan actually making his brother a bottle. I'd ask him to grab one and just fill it up with four ounces, he came out with a bottle, had mixed the formula and was shaking it up like a pro. I quized him three times on how many scoops he'd put in, to which he replied "Two" that sounded more like "Duh!" Alrighty then!

Baby L: discovering how to use his hands in full force. If it ain't nailed down...I don't think it stands a chance. Luckily, he's not crawling yet. Then we're all in trouble.

Friday, January 23, 2009

...a Homeowner: it all falls apart

After this past week, I've learned that there's no way in hell I would've survived being born before, oh, probably 1920. Right now, we're having a hot water issues. The hot water ranges from warm but freezing my ass off to warm i'm not shivering. Our dryer has suddenly ceased to work, which is at least easier to deal with because we have a drying rack.

You're probably wondering why hasn't she just gotten them fixed?

Easier said than done, right now. I'm fairly sure that if we could just get one of our fathers over here, they could probably figure it out. So I hate to pay for something that we could, conceivably, figure out how to fix on our own. But, I've just about hit my limit with the hot-water issue, so I may have to break down and call someone. I'm also a little worried we'll hear something like- 'well, you're just going to have to replace the whole thing'. Which has already happened this year with our oil tank ("did you know it's been leaking into your basement?").

09 hasn't been the best year so far. The house seems to be falling apart bit by bit. The refinance we were hoping for may not happen as our house has apparently dropped over 20% in value thanks to the current economy, despite improvements that we've made. It's damn cold. Our house is just under 100 years...so needless to say does not have all the modern niceties of, say, real R18 insulation, in some areas of the house.

But, it's just a house, and it's just money. It will work itself out. I have my health, the kids are healthy...it could be worse. I'm thankful that JB isn't in danger of losing his job, as so many are right now. I'm thankful that business hasn't slowed down, but instead has been busier than I anticipated. I'm thankful my cars are running, and our families are also in good health. And last but not least, I'm thankful that I have a good friend who has kindly offered me a hot shower and dryer facilities. I'll be over soon.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

...a Lazy Blogger Catching Up With My Favorite Holiday Moments

If you haven't seen "The Sixth Sense" you may not want to read the last favorite moment. There's a spoiler. A big one. Just wanted to warn you :)

From Baby L: Us staying up until 2am trying to finishing wrapping, cleaning, baking, more wrapping, more cleaning and more baking and him sleeping all night, waking up with a smile on his face and just hanging out for another hour while we were still getting things ready.

From Rho: Performing his first magic trick. It went something like this.
My uncle was trying to impress the boys Christmas Eve with his magic tricks, as he does every year. Rho decided to perform his own magic trick. He took two napkin rings and stood near the wall, then held out his hands and told my uncle to "pick a hand." My Uncle picked one. "Nope." So he picked the other. "Nope!" As it turns out, both were empty. He'd backed up to the wall and used it to hold the napkin rings between his back and the wall. It was awesome and probably the best "magic" trick of the night. Sometimes the kid is just scary smart and a little too quick on his feet.

He also called my Uncle Bob "Bobby". Which I don't think any one has ever done. It was stinkin' hysterical- "Hey Bobby! You want to see what I got for Christmas Bobby?"

From Xan: Calling out my Uncle "Bobby" on his magic tricks. Ones that took me, oh I don't know, 15-20 years to figure out. He figured them out at 7.5. Another awesome moment. This rivals when JB and I watched "The Sixth Sense" when it first came out with his younger cousin who, not knowing much about the movie, asked us within the first 5 minutes "Is he like dead or something?"