Thursday, January 1, 2009

...a Lazy Blogger Catching Up With My Favorite Holiday Moments

If you haven't seen "The Sixth Sense" you may not want to read the last favorite moment. There's a spoiler. A big one. Just wanted to warn you :)

From Baby L: Us staying up until 2am trying to finishing wrapping, cleaning, baking, more wrapping, more cleaning and more baking and him sleeping all night, waking up with a smile on his face and just hanging out for another hour while we were still getting things ready.

From Rho: Performing his first magic trick. It went something like this.
My uncle was trying to impress the boys Christmas Eve with his magic tricks, as he does every year. Rho decided to perform his own magic trick. He took two napkin rings and stood near the wall, then held out his hands and told my uncle to "pick a hand." My Uncle picked one. "Nope." So he picked the other. "Nope!" As it turns out, both were empty. He'd backed up to the wall and used it to hold the napkin rings between his back and the wall. It was awesome and probably the best "magic" trick of the night. Sometimes the kid is just scary smart and a little too quick on his feet.

He also called my Uncle Bob "Bobby". Which I don't think any one has ever done. It was stinkin' hysterical- "Hey Bobby! You want to see what I got for Christmas Bobby?"

From Xan: Calling out my Uncle "Bobby" on his magic tricks. Ones that took me, oh I don't know, 15-20 years to figure out. He figured them out at 7.5. Another awesome moment. This rivals when JB and I watched "The Sixth Sense" when it first came out with his younger cousin who, not knowing much about the movie, asked us within the first 5 minutes "Is he like dead or something?"

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