Friday, October 31, 2008

a Mom....a Few Favorite Moments

It's been a while since my last post, as I'm in the throws of the worst sleep deprivation of my life (thank you Baby L). In fact, I set an online alarm clock yesterday for a 1/2 hour later(my laptop is normally attached to my hip), set the laptop on the floor and passed out a few minutes later. Apparently, if you accidentally turn off the wireless button, the alarm clock won't go off, and you'll be awakened to the bus honking, because they won't let your second grader off the bus unless you're out there waiting for them (which, I'm not complaining about as I like this about our school). Needless to say, I was really out of it after that for a good four hours having to be quickly awakened only then to RUN out of the house and down the driveway.

But anyway. I digress. Some favorite moments from this past week, month...not sure.

1) Overheard the other night while watching Indiana Jones 4:
Rho: HECK!

2) Watching yesterday afternoon:
Two big boys lying on the floor with the baby and talking to him. Baby L making lots of sounds that sound like he's saying "hi" so bigger boys repeat and bust up laughing. Of course, what baby L was really saying was "get me the heck off my tummy and this floor" in his nicest baby voice. Then again, maybe he really was saying "hi". My children are geniuses after all.

3) hanging out with a friend who not only brought lunch, but matched up and sorted through probably 100 socks while here, dusted, swept my kitchen floor and watched the baby so I could bring Rho to school. A debt I can seriously never repay.

4) Getting out of the house with the baby for more than just school pick ups and drop offs. granted it was just to the doctors for the four week check up, but I did have to drive a 1/2 each way. I should mention that the above nap story followed this outting.

5) having hubby stay up with me in the middle of the night while trying to get the snorting, snotty sounding baby to say asleep without waking himself up with aforemention noises- thank you for the company :)

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