Thursday, December 18, 2008

...a Mom- Playing the Santa Card

In terms of child discipline, I think the holiday season is probably the most easiest time of year to get your young children to behave. Beginning mid-to-late November, the words "You better behave because Santa is watching" inevitably come out of your mouth, if you have a child like Rho, several times a day.

As I can't quite remember all the gory details of the following exchange, let's say it started with an "I want" situation, followed by a "No" from JB, which was then followed by "but I want..." followed by "I all ready said no." Which is then topped off by "Well you're a big jerk!" from Rho.

Heh heh.

JB: "You need to go sit in a time out, and I'm going to call Santa about that." Picks up the phone and starts dialing.

Rho, from his time out stair: "Does this mean I'm only going to get clothes?"

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