Monday, December 8, 2008

...A Scrooge: Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

We still have not yet got you.

First, I thought I had a prior committment on Saturday, which turned out to not be true, so we decided to get the house ready for Christmas. This involved cleaning, laundry (not sure of the connection other than that maybe we needed clean clothes to go and get the tree), a little rearranging. None of which we actually finished, which I will blame on a grumpy baby who had gotten his 2 months shots Thursday and was still out of sorts. So Sunday AM was round 2. By 11 am, the roads were covered with snow and it didn't really stop snowing until after it was too late to go and get our tree.

So it's Dec. 8th and we have no tree. I don't think we've ever gone this far into December without getting our tree. And because the place we usually get them isn't open past 4pm and it's about a 1/2 hour away, there's no way we can get there during the week. So we'll probably have to buy a crappy one from the New York City type stand that's in the next town south. They're all pre-cut (we usually cut our own) and not the greatest place for photo-ops.

Needless to say I'm not thrilled with this option. At all. I'm very particular about my trees- I don't like typical balsam trees, I like Concolor Firs.

What's so special about these trees? They have a blue spruce type coloring, and a unique citrus-y pine scent (plus they don't lose a lot of needles). I just really like them. Actually, I love them, and it makes me a little sad that we probably won't be getting one this year. Not that Christmas is defined by the tree. A big part of my disappointment is that we're not going to get to go through the whole process of walking out on the hills of our favorite tree farm, looking for just the right tree, freezing in our boots, complaining a little about the cold, struggling to saw it down, and making an afternoon of it. Usually we go with my parents, but my mom was sickly on Saturday and not up to taking the 1 1/2 hour drive up here, so we won't have the fun of going with them either.

No one but me will notice the tree. It's funny that when I started writing this post, I was just going to complain about not getting "my" tree and then I realized what I was really disappointed about. But, we're all healthy and here, and we'll be together on the big day. Eh...who needs a cool tree anyway. Charlie Brown certainly did just fine without one.

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