Friday, December 19, 2008

a mom...More Favorite Moments

From the baby: Sleeping all night (at under 3 months), having him wake up happy and smiling when he sees me

From Rho: getting random "I Love you Mamas" and a beautiful macaroni necklace

From Xan: Last week, the 3-5 graders did a school store/lawn sale for kids to buy stuff and for them to raise money. Xan asks for some money, so I give him $5 of his Christmas money and tell him to keep it around $2. He comes home with a bag full of stuff.

Me: "How much did you spend?"

Xan: "All of it." has a sheepish grin on his face.

Me: "I told you to only spend $2, but as it's money that you got for Christmas..."

Xan: "Oh- I forgot" slaps his forehead, though it's pretty obvious from his terrible lying that he remembered but chose to spend it all.

And then he shows me what he bought- and I'm expecting it's all mostly junk that he had to have. All but two small things were a gift for his family. Personally, I got a "pearl" necklace, bracelet and ring- he couldn't wait until Christmas. There aren't many kids I know that would just assume spend their own money on gifts rather than stuff for themselves. So I guess we're doing something right as parents.

Which is a pretty good gift in and of itself.

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