Wednesday, September 24, 2008

...a Consumer: Oh, PETA, Really?

There was a news story this AM about PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) trying to convince Vermont ice cream company Ben and Jerry's to use breast milk instead of cow's milk because of the sometimes cruel conditions cows can be kept in. B & Js replied that breast milk is best kept for its intended recipients- babies.

Uh- yeah. I can understand wanting to protect the animals- I'm an animal lover and abhor cruelty of any kind, but breast milk? Yes- I can imagine how much fun it would be for hordes of women to sit around being pumped several times a day, OUCH. I'm not saying me or the cows, or that there shouldn't be more regulations about how cows (especially veal cows) are kept...I'm just saying eeewwww.

It reminds me of that episode of "Friends" ("The One With the Breast Milk"):

Chandler: What did you just do?

Phoebe: I licked my arm, what?

Ross: It’s breast milk.

Phoebe: So?

Rachel: Phoebe, that is juice, squeezed from a person.

Joey: What is the big deal? (Tastes the breast milk.)

Chandler: What did you just do?

Ross: Ok, would people stop drinking the breast milk?

Phoebe: You won’t even taste it?

Ross: No!

Phoebe: Not even if you just pretend that it’s milk?

Ross: Not even if Carol’s breast had a picture of a missing child on it.

Yep- that about sums it up.

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