Sunday, September 21, 2008

...a Preggo: Holy Emotions Batman!!!

It's been a very rough month. I've just deleted all the details, so this doesn't end up like "War and Peace" but needless to say at 39+ weeks I've become very emotionally fragile. A combination of not sleeping, various running around, cars breaking down, baby due any minute (please, oh please) I've been a little on edge.

Friday, I was supposed to have some adult company, but she cancelled. Ok, held back the tears on that one because I was hoping for some help to get some things cleaned up and put back together after some construction projects. But something good comes out on Friday- my SIL came to pick up the kids with the intent on taking them to a hot-air balloon festival, apple picking and the like, and they would not be back until Sunday. This means that JB and I will get some much needed time to ourselves for a date before the baby comes. The summer went by sooooo fast that we didn't get a chance to do anything other than house stuff.

So Friday, we pick up the car that's been at the dealership and go out to dinner. We toy with going to the movies, but by the time dinner is over, I'm whipped off my toucas. So we decide to go home, I pass out on the couch at 8:30 and pretty much sleep until 8 the next morning. See? Told you I was tired :) We take care of some chores and decide to head back to the nearest "city" (a half our drive from our small Vermont town) to go first to Home Depot and then Wal-mart to get snacks for the week which is more than I've done in three weeks. Walking is just. not. comfortable. Once we've done all of this, we head to the movie theater to see "My Best Friend's Girl". We grab our p-corn, and I'm all set to get a blue raspberry slush puppy, but they only have smalls (which is practically dixie cup small) and can't put the slushies in a regular soda cup because it will mess up inventory (huh? really?).

I should've known then.

Still smarting from not getting the slushie I'd been jonesing for since the night before, we get a soda and take our seats. The previews start a few minutes later, then the movie...and then the sound goes. JB doesn't waste any time getting up to tell them. We wait.

And wait.

And wait.

I go out and ask about the sound- she knows nothing about it. It's been more than 20 minutes. Apparently the kid working the concession stand didn't tell any body, he just took off. So we get our money back, I get to the car and lose it. "Niagara Falls, Frankie Angel" (if you don't get the movie quote- go rent "Scrooged" with Bill Murray). I'm balling like my favorite pet just died and I can't stop for like 15 minutes. I feel like an utter moron, which I say to JB, who is completely understanding and says, "Why don't you just close your eyes and I'll wake you when we get there."

Get there? I think. Not get home? I'm a little suspicious at this point. Sure enough, after stopping at home for a bathroom break, the man confesses he has planned to drive past our home to Burlington, at hour and 20 minutes away so that we can go to dinner and see the movie in a stadium seating theater. So back in the car we go. We go for Mexican (yummy!) and then hang out for a little while before the movie starts. Luckily it wasn't a wasted trip- it's actually pretty funny if you're into crasser humor, and it's refreshing to see a female lead who isn't a goody-goody. It's definitely an "R" movie though. Enough F-bombs to wipe the entire half of the US off the map. But it was good to laugh and good to have one last date before the family changes again.

I thank JB a couple of times on the way home, who replies, "My wife was crying, what was I supposed to do?"

What a sweetie, I think.

Then he says, "Besides, if we'd just gone home and I'd ended up watching golf all night, you would've ended up pissed at me and have had a miserable evening. This was a better alternative." He grins.

I drop my own F-bomber at him. A twisted term of endearment, and grin. "Yeah, you're probably right."

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