Monday, September 15, 2008

...a Mom "Lasagna"

Both of my kids have had problems with the letter "L" and its pronunciation, a fairly common letter to have trouble with. The eldest, X, had trouble mostly with the word little- pronouncing it yittle. It was really cute and kind of a sad day when I realized that he had stopped and was suddenly pronouncing it correctly.

My youngest however, his speech has always been a little different. We actually thought he might have a speech problem at one point because he would say things and we'd have no idea what the hell he was saying (though some how X almost always could translate). This still happens on occasion. But we had him checked out by a speech pathologist who said that he just intonates differently than most people. He has a unique sing-songy quality to his speech. There's NOTHING wrong with his vocabulary and in fact often talks non-stop. Actually, they both do. Though it's not at all surprising because my MIL will often talk about how he never shut-up as a a kid and my nickname as a kid was Motor-Mouth. But I digress...

The other night, my husband made lasagna for dinner. X flatly refused to try it, but R was curious. "What's vagagna?" he asked.

To which we both stopped, looked at each other and asked "What did you say?"

"What's Vagagna?"

Now, in case you can't "see" why we started laughing, I encourage you to say Vagagna outloud. Start with the "vag" sound and end it like "lasagna". It sounds remarkably like a female body part. At first I thought I was hearing things, so we had him repeat it a few times...nope, sure enough it sounded like we thought it did. Then, we thought maybe it was just us. So we had him say it for my sister who laughed and said "What?" To which he repeated it and I thought she might bust a gut.

Incidently, when he says Peanuts, it sounds a LOT like penis. We try not to talk about them in public too much.

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