Monday, September 29, 2008

...A Slightly Crazy Preggo: Cars Suck

As tomorrow I'm being induced, I had a lot of last minute errands to run today. Post office, the store, take the youngest for lunch at Mickey D's, then drop him off at preschool. We go to leave a little later than I wanted as I was trying to get a few things done around the house, get out to the car (a Ford Explorer), go to start it and the steering wheel locks. Ok, no biggie, right? I'll just turn it a little and it'll start...


I spent a good 15 minutes giggling the steering wheel, which moves, oh, about a 1/2. I press the brake pedal, I pump the brake pedal. I call the Ford roadside number. I end up talking to a local dealership. A half hour goes by and I'm FREAKING OUT because of the two cars we own- this is the ONLY ONE that fits all three car seats (nope, haven't replaced the other one YET). I call JB in tears who's trying to get me to remain calm in the midst of teaching a lesson. I call my parents, no one's home. I go back out and I jiggle. I swear. I kick it. I cry some more. Nothing.

Ok- so maybe I will try the other set of keys. Sure as hell can't hurt, right?

So, wouldn't you know, the stinkin' wheel unlocks right away, I start the car and Rho and I take off, having only enough time to eat at this point, but that's ok because I can run my stupid errands after I drop him off.

As it turns out, I don't think I even had the right key to start with. Not because I'm crazy- we have two keyless remotes, both of which have Ford keys on them. However, we also have Ford F350 sitting in our driveway (which you may be thinking why didn't she just drive that- because it's like 10 feet of the ground, there are no "Oh-shit" handles on the driver's side to pull myself into it with, I'm 18 months preggo and it's really hard to buckle a booster seat in it without being preggo).

So when JB finally calls to see what the outcome was, I ask him- "Did you by any chance put the truck key on the ring with other remote entry?"

"Oh yeah...I think I might've."

I glare through the phone and wonder if he can feel the daggers. But I only send a few as he explains he was trying to be calm with a room full of kids even though he was actually freaking out himself and didn't think of it.

Less than an hour later, my poor SIL, who is spending the night with us tonight to get the kids off to school in the AM because we've got to be at the hospital before 7:30 am, calls and says her car has died at a gas station more than an hour from our house, MIL is on the way, but she's not sure what's going on.

After about three hours of waiting, stressing and having FIL come...she'll be going back home (an hour and a half away) to get a different car before heading over sometime tonight. She's a trooper and we're VERY grateful JB's parents own a couple of cars and trucks.

So yeah, cars suck. Same car also cost us $300+ dollars for stupid brakes last week. On top of having to replace our oil tank (which we were told could have burst at anytime, losing all the expensive oil in it to the ground below).


But on a happier note, the baby is getting evicted tomorrow, so we'll finally be able to meet the little bugger who has been practing his Ka-ra-te on Mommy for the past couple of hours...YAY!

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