Wednesday, September 17, 2008

a Preggo: The Notice is Going Up

I am issuing a 2 day notice for EVICTION. Tenant will have 2 days in which he can either gather his belongings and promptly vacate the premises, or wait until the final day. After which, he will be physically removed from the property.

He's being evicted due to breech of contract and destruction of property. Expansions only to the FRONT of the house, within reasonable limits, were discussed. Not only have these limits been exceeded, but additions to the back of the house were also made!

Remodeling and gutting of the home was never approved, nor was changing the initial layout and base structure. And due to property damage, there are now leaks in both the upper AND lower levels of the home. On top of which, the landlord has received numerous complaints about nightly disturbances.

After 2 days from this day that he doesn’t comply with the notice will result in immediate and forceful removal at my discretion.

That's right, little man, you only get 2 days. Because we're past the 30 day count down and I need some sleep. Sleep, you, good reader are probably thinking, is the last thing I'll get once he's out. And, while this is true to a point, I'm 100% positive I won't sleep any worse than I am now. I average about an hour and a half before I wake up to turn over, which is quite painful in every single muscle from the center of my stomach to my knees (it's like the ligaments get used to a certain position and when I move they start screaming at me- I'd like to say on one side all night, but I get a terrible, preggo related ache in my hips that will not be ignored). I've been struggling with a sinus infection that's finally going away and that's impeded my sleep- I'm not, and never will be, a mouth breather. I envy the husband and kids because they can sleep anywhere in any position. Drives me crazy.

Officially, I've got one week and a day until my due date. My husband has ordered the eviction notice for this evening, but I don't see that happening. So, I'm trying to be nice by giving you another two days. I think I've been very patient so far.

But really, I'm just anxious to meet you ;).

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