Wednesday, September 3, 2008

...a Mom: I Can't Stop Eating

On Thursday, I will have hit the 37 week mark of this pregnancy, meaning baby could come any day (please oh please oh please). But, in the meantime, I'm stinkin' hungry all the time. I feel like all I do is eat. It's ridiculous- but as I might as well enjoy it now because after the baby, it's back to my normal eating habits. I've got some poundage to lose!

I've also been dealing with the repeated question of how the baby is going to come out from my four and a half year old. When he was born, I just told my eldest that I had a special trap door that opened up and the baby came out there with the help of the doctors. He was only 3.5 at the time, so this was a good enough answer. But my other one- he wants to see. "Is the baby going to come out your mouth?" No. "Where does it come out then?" Uh...well...part of my tummy opens up just to let the baby out and then closes right back up. (is this the best I can come up with???) "How?"

Help! How do I explain this? He's far too curious for his own good and if I told him the truth about how it actually worked- there'd be no stopping the barage of questions wanting to see, or the fact he'd probably go around telling everyone exactly how it was going to happen.

So, like any good mom, I'm trying to play dumb. That'll work, right?

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