Tuesday, September 23, 2008

...A Pet Owner- WTF?

So, in the past week or so my cats have gone completely psycho. Particularly our female, Wanda.

She'll come up to me, meow, start attacking things, so I think she needs to go out. I haul my preggo butt off the couch, make my way to the kitchen. At this point, she turns a sharp right and starts eating.


And she'll repeat this behavior multiple times throughout the day. A few minutes ago I get off the phone, follow her to the kitchen because she's been complaining at me, and she goes to eat. I say to her Ms. Psychoness, "Do you know how hard it is for me to get up?" She doesn't answer.

This behavior is coupled with going in and out a gazillion times a day (both cats are guilty of this behavior), sometimes coming in right after she's gone out.

So, do my cats sense the impending baby (who, BTW, has excuted "squatter's rights" as he's completely ignoring the eviction notice I posted here last week)? I've never seen them act quite like this before. To further demonstrate the psychosis, I was about to finish this post up, but had to use the restroom. As soon as I get up, she hightails it for the kitchen and starts eating. I come out of the bathroom, she's outside the door and again, hightails it for the kitchen. Out of curiosity, I follow, and sure enough- she heads right for the food bowl. This has all happened within a 1/2 hour- no exaggeration.

Anyone a pet psychic? She's back bugging me now, and I'm NOT getting up again. Nuh-uh. Now she's on the couch adjacent to mine, and is staring at me.

Okay...shhhhh, she's sleeping. Must be all the running around has tuckered her out. But I'd put money on it- if I get up, she'll run out to the kitchen and eat.

I'll keep you posted.


Jules said...

You're having the baby tonight. mark my words. ;)

AKA Delaney said...

Oh how I wish that had come true, LOL!

There was an hour I thought- maybe baby- but then no.

Of course, they're already back up to their hijinks this AM, so maybe today...it's definitely getting worse!