Wednesday, September 3, 2008

a Preggo: Things I Shouldn't Have to Deal With Part 2

Today, Karma decides to get me back. Unfortunately, we end up with squirrels in our house every year. It's a pain, they scratch at the ceilings and walls and we can't seem to keep them out. So today, I'm sitting, working on website stuff when I hear a commotion, look up and realize our cat (the same troublesome one from below) has caught a red squirrel (the nastier ones) from the WALL where we haven't yet put back a piece of floor boards from some construction a little while ago. "Oh shit! Good kitty, hold on to it..." he's only 6 feet from a door. If I can just make it there, I can get them both outside and he can do whatever with it.

But instead, he drops it. It makes a feeble attempt to crawl away (oh- maybe 8 inches) and then stops and drops onto it's back. Frantically I look for something to cover it with, not sure if it's dead or playing so, and race to the kitchen, grab a pot and drop it over the squirrel- which is still alive.

Ok, now what. I've got to get this out of the house before the 4 year old comes downstairs from a nap (who should be at school but is already home sick with a cold and little fever) and picks up the pot before I can stop him and suddenly Rocky is in a mad dash to get out of the house. Oh look, there's the box from the scanner I just opened, I'll tear a huge piece of that off and slide it under...uh, no. I hope the squirrel will move along with me, but it doesn't. And part of it is stick out from under the pot. EEEEEwwwww.

Take 2: Get snow shovel. Nope, not wide enough to accommodate pot.

Take 3: Call husband. Get the other snow shovel which is out by construction debris from this past weekend and try that. If it doesn't work, stick a bucket of tools on it and I'll take care of it when I get home (at 6 pm???!!!?????).

Take 4: Try second shovel, still to narrow.

Take 5: Go back to initial cardboard idea. Ok, tail is still sticking out, but use something to stick it back under. EEEEWWWWW.

Remove rodent to porch, stick tools on it and leave it for the hubbie when he gets home.

So, now I'm out of breath, sweating like mad, need to take a shower, and of course 4 year old R is refusing to sleep...

I get it, I should've saved the spider...but then again, I shouldn't have been made arachnophobic. I can only do what I can, but really, a squirrel? I think that's overkill, Karma. Don't be such a bitch ;).

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cartolina said...

LOL - poor you!
we have squirrel trouble too.
We woke up one night with a flying squirrel in the bedroom - hanging onto the picture frame above the bed. Same night we had a family of 3 bears on the deck! I love living in the country but I hate night time critter surprises.
Love reading this blog Carey.